vineri, 7 iunie 2013


I miss all my pretty Babies anyone remember me :)

I miss all my pretty Babies anyone remember me :)

When r u coming back? I miss ur sexiness!

now ? 

just wondering, but how would your husband feel if he saw you plastering yourself all over the web? not to mention, the pictures you're taking are in no way tasteful or beautiful. you look trashy. i can see wanting to be provocative, but you're taking it to the wrong level.

he knows 

Your lips would look good around my cock


I have missed your slutty side and need you. I am so glad you are back ;-)

Thanks :) 

WOW.. hot posts of yourself!! Nice blog too!!! Thanks for sharing that lovely body of yours!

you are welcome 

taking a break/busy/pissed at the world?

yes but im back now 

i miss you <3

thanks baby 

You need to come back babe

ok im back 

You're so sexy!!! ;)

thanks baby 

Good God woman you are stunning! I would love to see the State Park video. Your body is awesome! I am literally drooling!

Thanks but its not up any more 

I like your page. Where from?

St. LOuis 

How do I get your vid

You cant any more 

Is it inappropriate to ask for something special?

ask all you want :) 


I have been away for a while , just taking a break from my slutty side , but its like this need that crops up , that throbs in my pants, that calls me back to tumblr….who needs me?


Anyone miss me??


no tt today

zip zero nadda

not one person stepped up to help me or even say hey sorry I love you but I cant help you … I think im done posting here

Good morning

i love my tumblrs :) 


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